Her interest lies in the physical and metaphysical, the organic and the machine, working with diametrically opposed elements to create the unexpected, and pushing materials science and design to their limits.

She was widely credited with spearheading former firm's Future Systems 's transition to digital technologies, and played a key role in shaping its department, one of the most innovative practices of its time in high tech and bionic architecture.

Her multidisciplinary practice is praised for its work at the intersection of design, engineering, technology and radical architectural explorations.

Over the course of her career she has earned accolades for her leadership and innovation, as well as her ability to build partnerships among varied consultancies.She has received a number of awards, reviewed through her expertise an number of high end projects for seismic risks and reconstruction in collaboration with the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and has taught design studios and technology seminars with a focus on materials ,building technology, and Earthquake Sciences.

She is a graduate of Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science.

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